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  • DRC Fork Seal Driver Kit

    DRC Fork Seal Driver Kit

    Brett in UT

    Great Tool

    Very nice and well built tool. I have used this on 43 and 48 sized WP forks, and it works extremely well. The inserts are a very hard plastic. I saw no deflection or deformation during use, but nice in that they are not metal so no tube marring or scratching potential. Metal outer collar is nice and heavy. The metal collar does not snap together, so if you are not holding the tool, it will split. I didn't find this to be a problem, but thought I could use wire ties if needed to hold the shells together. Overall, I'm very satisfied with this tool.

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  • DRC Moto LED Tail/Brake Light

    DRC Moto LED Tail/Brake Light

    Johnny in -

    Good product!

    Perfectly fulfills its function, very easy to install, do not know what happened, but the article came opaque, as if it were used.

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  • DRC Moto LED Edge 2 Aluminum Tail Light Holder

    DRC Moto LED Edge 2 Aluminum Tail Light Holder


    So clean!

    Stock WR250R rear end got you feeling down? This is the answer to all that ugly plastic. I soldered all my connections and haven't had a problem yet. I did have one cop tell me that it makes my license too hard to read(angled up too far), but even he agreed its much better than plates being ran sideways up inside the fender-well all bent to heck... and it looks sweet. Feels kinda flimsy, but I haven't broke it yet!

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  • DRC Rim Hole Plugs

    DRC Rim Hole Plugs

    philip in PA

    they work alright.

    periodically I don't have my TUBliss on these come in handy.

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  • DRC Suspension Pump

    DRC Suspension Pump

    Carl in MT

    it works great. the right tool for the job

    good price, quickly shipped.

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