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  • Talon Rear Alloy Sprocket

    Talon Rear Alloy Sprocket

    Kyle in UT

    53 tooth spocket

    Love it, looks great, light weight, easy to install.

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  • Talon Billet Rim Lock

    Talon Billet Rim Lock

    Kevin in Illinois

    Seems to be working great

    I tried these because I wanted a rim lock that is durable. They are light weight, easy to install, and fit well. I have a entire race season (enduro and hare scramble) plus play riding with this installed in the front tire. No issues to date with it at all. Put a new tire on yesterday and inspected the tube. No signs of wear on the tube where the rim lock is installed. Other than a little dirt, the rim lock looks like new.

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  • Talon Front Sprocket

    Talon Front Sprocket

    Rex in CA

    Did not fit ....

    This sprocket would not slide on to the counter shaft. I made sure there was no corrosion, but it wouldn't make it more than 1/3 of the way on and I did not want to force it. I tried other sprockets and they went on smoothly. It is well constructed and I like the looks of the plating, so I am giving it three stars. RM ATV/MC had me return the sprocket and are sending me a new one. I will update again when I install it.

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