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  • EFX Sand Slinger Rear ATV Sand Tire

    EFX Sand Slinger Rear ATV Sand Tire

    michael in CA

    Tires are awesome!

    Tires performed well, and make my Polaris RZR 900 XP look bad! Definitely recommend them over the smaller tires I returned.

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  • EFX Sand Slinger Front ATV Sand Tire

    EFX Sand Slinger Front ATV Sand Tire

    michael in CA

    Tires look sick!

    These tires look and performed well in Oceano Dunes this past weekend. Make my Polaris RZR 900XP look bad.

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  • EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire

    EFX MotoMTC ATV Tire

    Bill in Utah

    Great tire

    I want all to know that the balance of these tires are extremely bad. And maybe i got a bad set but doubt this. Were talking all most a pound!!! No kidding. Got them balanced and great. Lets get pass that awesome tire and great in all conditions lots of grip and I bought all same size tires and rims to rotate. I have been in the dunes and OK this has to big tread but snow and mud and dry works great

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  • EFX MotoClaw Radial ATV Tire

    EFX MotoClaw Radial ATV Tire

    Chad in Kentucky

    Great Tire

    I was running Big Horns 2.0 which hooked up good and everything. But I got tired of always having a flat. It seemed like every time I rode I'd always find a slit in one of the side walls or get a flat. So I was looking for a stronger tire that hooked up on the trails and in the mud with out going to complete mud tire. I read the reviews on the MotoClaws so I went and purchased them. I put them to the test and all I can say is the reviews doesn't do them justice. They rode great and hooked up better than I could imagine. Not to mention how good they look as well. So if your looking for a good all around tire thats good riding on Trails and hooks up good in Mud and gets good traction on rocks. I'd definitely go with the MotoClaws.

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