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  • Zeta Magnetic Drain Plug

    Zeta Magnetic Drain Plug

    Jordan in OR

    Too soft, easy to strip, don't purchase.

    This plug looks cool and the magnet works, but its made of aluminum. You don't want to put that in, because you can accidentally strip the soft metal too easily. Stick with the OEM plug or a different product.

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  • Zeta Rubber Killer Solid Mount Kit

    Zeta Rubber Killer Solid Mount Kit

    Todd in AZ

    2003 CR125

    Bougth these when I noticed one of my handle bar mounting bolts had bent after a crash. My bike still had the stock rubber mounts. These appear to be made very well, look great in the anodized red color and do seem to make the bike feel a bit more solid. I would by again and recommend.

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