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  • CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire

    CST Surge C7220 Paddle Tire

    Cory in WA

    Best tire and for cheap!

    Awesome traction in the sand. It digs and corners very well. This paddle will also last longer than anything out there. They go forever if your not roosting on hard pack.

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  • CST Ambush Tire

    CST Ambush Tire

    Juan in CA

    Well needed for my 05 Bombardier 650. They look great on the quad and can’t wait to put time in on em. I purchased two shirts, a new flag and goggles. This website only sells quality gear, I’m most positive these tires will perform greatly. I drive in the desert with my quad to the Colorado River. These tires have the tread I need with the price I was comfortable with.

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  • CST C829 Knobby Tire

    CST C829 Knobby Tire

    John in IN

    I have installed the tires but not had them ridden on yet. They were very tight fitting to the rims, kind of a pain to install, but I did get them on. (Split rim application) overall, I would recommend them to others, assuming they ride ok when I get to that point.

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  • CST Sandblast Rear Tire

    CST Sandblast Rear Tire

    Joseph in WA

    Not a good turbo tire

    I have a 120hp X3 and the tires worked ok but as soon as I went 172 they were not enough tire. They liked to come around on me in 2wd. If you drive in 4wd you will be ok up to 150hp otherwise look elsewhere. I had the 30" 14 paddle.

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  • CST Sandblast Front Tire

    CST Sandblast Front Tire

    COREY in UT

    Good tire

    Very light loved the front ribbed tires, Turned and cornered well, Not a bad choice with those guys on a budget.

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  • CST Abuzz Tire

    CST Abuzz Tire

    Erik in AZ

    Excellent tire at a great price. Was running maxis big horns before. These have much better grip even when the big horns were new I couldn't enter a high speed sweeping corner with the confidence I do now. Great tire at any price! Highly recommend them.

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