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  • Moto-Skiveez Adventure Skiveez

    Moto-Skiveez Adventure Skiveez

    Michael in Florida


    I too don't understand all the rave reviews, these were the worst feeling pair of padded shorts, I've ever worn. I figured I would try them, after all extra padding couldn't hurt, right? Boy was I wrong... Read on. Seriously, not sure if I received a defective pair or what, but you can feel the edge of the pad and the stitching against your skin. Possibly due to the thickness of the material covering the pad or stitching pattern, which is too course for a seam next to your skin. I've owned numerous pairs of bicycle shorts with padding, but never felt the edge of the pad in those. Can not recommend these shorts at all. After I tried them on and realized the mistake, I went back to Moto-Skiveez website to look for a guarantee or something, but nope, not even a warrantee on the product, so buyer beware. Regardless of what it says on their website or what other reviews say, these shorts are no substitute for quality seats on your motorcycle.

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