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  • UCLEAR® AMP Go Bluetooth Helmet Audio System

    UCLEAR® AMP Go Bluetooth Helmet Audio System

    Dave in TN

    Great price point for a communicator

    I don't ride enough to spend a billion dollars (give or take) on a sena or cardo, but I do like to listen to music and on occasion need to talk to other folks on a ride. The Amp Go fits the bill. it's cheap and has the features I need. sound quality is, in my opinion VERY good with the speakers it comes with (and I'm sure better with the advanced speakers). it's not concert quality but I can hear my jamz over my bike's motor and wind noise so it's good. I REALLY like the boomless microphone business though. I was a little skeptical about this function, but so far no one I've spoken to while in the helmet had ANY clue I was wearing a helmet or riding a motorcycle at the time. some of the functions are a little hard to access given the limited buttons on the device and it takes some doing to memorize the button combos. also the buttons can be a little hard to find as you have to actually find the button under the rubberized button covers, but nothing that a little practice can't fix.

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  • UCLEAR® Pulse Speaker Kit

    UCLEAR® Pulse Speaker Kit

    CB in NE

    A great bargain

    These are great! Way louder than I expected and decent sound quality! I added them to my Bell full face helmet and love them.

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  • UCLEAR® Offroad Adventure Communication System

    UCLEAR® Offroad Adventure Communication System

    David in ID

    Works well for...

    This system works great, but has limitations. Pros: The intercom and bluetooth work extremely well overall with great noise cancellation. The controller pops off the headsets (not built in) so you can put the same unit onto your bike, ski, adv whatever helmet. Also, the headsets work great while doing other things like mowing the lawn- the noise cancellation lets me keep mowing and still talk! They are pretty easy to use, seem to be rubberized/rugged, and the battery lasts for days of use on a charge. We have used these as headphones, and put them on our helmets, so the value is high (just buy their helmet speakers and a mount for 30-40 bucks and you are set). I have kids that are learning to ride and I don't always want to ride with them the whole time. The headsets are great for that because I can wear the headset, then put the other unit in the kids' helmets and holler at them from my lawn chair or my mower. Cons: The headphones have exposed mics, so if you are in a UTV they tend to be hard to hear each other over about 35-40 mph. We have to slow down to really talk. (This has not been an issue in helmets though, just the read headsets). Durability on the red headsets is not great- nice design, but they are plastic and break easy. The controllers are stout, but the headphones are suspect. I called UCLEAR and they gave me extras at no charge- so hard to be too upset. Last, this model can only pair up to 4 riders, so if you have a larger group they won't pair more than 4. You have to buy a different UCLEAR that pairs more people then pick up the red headsets separate, or just use with helmets.

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