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  • UCLEAR® AMP Go Bluetooth Helmet Audio System

    UCLEAR® AMP Go Bluetooth Helmet Audio System

    Dave in TN

    Great price point for a communicator

    I don't ride enough to spend a billion dollars (give or take) on a sena or cardo, but I do like to listen to music and on occasion need to talk to other folks on a ride. The Amp Go fits the bill. it's cheap and has the features I need. sound quality is, in my opinion VERY good with the speakers it comes with (and I'm sure better with the advanced speakers). it's not concert quality but I can hear my jamz over my bike's motor and wind noise so it's good. I REALLY like the boomless microphone business though. I was a little skeptical about this function, but so far no one I've spoken to while in the helmet had ANY clue I was wearing a helmet or riding a motorcycle at the time. some of the functions are a little hard to access given the limited buttons on the device and it takes some doing to memorize the button combos. also the buttons can be a little hard to find as you have to actually find the button under the rubberized button covers, but nothing that a little practice can't fix.

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  • UCLEAR® Pulse Speaker Kit

    UCLEAR® Pulse Speaker Kit

    CB in NE

    A great bargain

    These are great! Way louder than I expected and decent sound quality! I added them to my Bell full face helmet and love them.

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