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  • Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V-S with Armor

    Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V-S with Armor

    Keith in OK

    Better than a chest protector

    I was using the Zac Speed chest protector, but it lacks shoulder protection. I switch to the Zac Speed Sprint R-3 and choose this as my body armor. I took out the back plate since the R-3 covers my back. The Forcefield pro shirt does a great job protecting my shoulders and chest. I have had glancing shoulder hits from hitting trees, rounding them in corners, the amour absorbed the impact without issue. Quality product. have warn on warm days without heat issues.

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  • Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V L/S with Armor

    Forcefield Pro Shirt X-V L/S with Armor

    Joseph in TN

    Great product

    This is an awesome shirt. It has more protection than just wearing a chest protector and is a lot cooler and more comfortable. I've rode with it three times now and so far it's been perfect. I think if you went down hard it would probably rip fairly easy but hopefully I never find out

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  • Forcefield EX-K Elbow Protector

    Forcefield EX-K Elbow Protector

    tim in NM

    blisters and bruises

    yeah i got blisters and bruises on a one hr ride, too heavy and bounce off your elbows when hitting bumps and jumps even with elastic cinched down. i need an elbow guard for my elbow guards, lol. horrible. hard to flex at the joint why not a more permanent curvature at elbow like a plastic guard?

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  • Forcefield Graph Limb Tubes

    Forcefield Graph Limb Tubes

    tim in NM

    comfort and protection

    these are so good i got the ek? elbow pads (horrible), really forgot i had them on. not a lot of side knee coverage but cover petella and below really well. breathable and soft.

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  • Forcefield Tornado Advance Neck Warmer

    Forcefield Tornado Advance Neck Warmer

    Nathan in MT

    Not too light not to heavy

    like my title says, this item is perfect weight and warmth. I like the loose feel around the neck to allow extra ventilation. Keep blowing snow and ice out of coat and off exposed skin.

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