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  • Fox Racing AIRSPC Goggle

    Fox Racing AIRSPC Goggle

    Chereese in IA

    Great goggles for the girl/women riders!!

    Super cute and the tint is perfect, you can still see out of them as it gets dark. Fits perfect in my Oneal helmet! I would for sure recommend these! Already had lots of compliments.

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  • Fox Racing Podium 180 Gear Bag 2015

    Fox Racing Podium 180 Gear Bag 2015

    bradley in PA

    good bag seems to be holding up

    Bought it for my 12 year old he has everthing but the kitchen sink in there and it still has room fits all his riding gear plus extra's of everthing including 2 helmets, 2 pair of boots and everthing else for a weekend of racing.

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  • Fox Racing Turbo Kidney Belt

    Fox Racing Turbo Kidney Belt

    Stephen in CA

    Does it's job.

    The kidney belt does it's job. It is a little bit hot and likes to slide up if you wear it under your jersey. Otherwise it really does work, it keeps my kidneys from hurting.

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  • Fox Racing Titan Sport Elbow Guards 2014

    Fox Racing Titan Sport Elbow Guards 2014

    ZACK in KS

    Came apart on first wreck

    Wrecked with these the first time wearing them and the stitching came apart. Not the best out there but not the worst.

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  • Fox Racing 180 Ladies Pants 2015

    Fox Racing 180 Ladies Pants 2015

    Amanda in WA

    Poor Quality

    I thought what the heck, i'll pay the price and try them. ((These were my first pair of Fox Pants, and I mainly purchased them for the colors.)) Warning, these pants are not made for short, or women with thicker legs, I'm 5'2" and They ripped on the inside leg next to the suede patch, and have holes, on the top where the stretchy fabric connects at the knees, this all happened within the first month. I have had them repaired, and they still continue to rip in other places. The Rubber on the inside of the pants are also very annoying, every time you have to use the restroom. I was super bummed, and these were the most expensive pair of riding pants I have purchased. They are snug in the legs, and super baggy in the waist, Just a strange fit overall... I would not purchase these again, but Hope other brands make something with similar colors, or they just improve the whole design

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  • Fox Racing Black Belt Kidney Belt

    Fox Racing Black Belt Kidney Belt

    John in OR

    Kidney belt fits my needs!

    I bought this kidney belt in the hopes that it would give me some decent back support and hold in my kidneys. With a 38" waist, I thought this might be too small, but the dual belts both have room to overlap sufficiently. I wasn't disappointed. Trying this on right out of the package, I can tell it is going to alleviate some soreness later on after tackling the trails! Item shipped to me in 3 days with standard shipping. Way to go RM ATV!

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