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  • 4Arm-Strong Self Therapy Device

    4Arm-Strong Self Therapy Device

    Dylan in PA

    Couldn’t ask for more.

    I read reviews on just about anything I buy and when it comes to let’s say 4arm strong and people saying it works or it don’t it makes it hard to buy or believe. But I’ll give my expierence, I race quads Xc in A class and have terrible arm pump problems, and I’m only 23 160lbs. Round 1 I made it 20 mins and my arm was solid and I dropped out. Round 2 I bought this product (I work 60-80hours a week so I don’t ride or workout at all) I tired of the day before and the day of the race, a lap in my felt something about to happen so I lightened my grip and by lap 3 no arm pump but dropped out from over heating. Round 3. Same thing but I did eat a banana the day of and I went out there and finished 12th overall 2nd in my class and the track was brutal 9 miles straight of big rock and not once did I feel pump coming on I actually gained so much grip I ripped the skin off both my hands (that wasn’t fun) so I can’t say this will work for all but it saved my racing career and couldn’t be happier. I do recommend just going with a large cause I have normal to small arms and the small is just a little to small for me.

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