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  • Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector With Sprint Pack

    Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector With Sprint Pack


    Very nice but needs better shoulder protection

    I love this product and really like the way they have added the extra side straps to avoid the chest plate from riding up into my neck/throat. The water bladder design is excellent and much more durable than the Camelbak products I've used for years. The backpack seems a bit warm on my back but it is still very comfortable, although I may not love the extra warmth in the summer months. The shoulder protection is minimal, not near as large as a lot of the old school roost guards, as an off-roader in the tight and twisty Western PA woods, we tend to catch a low hanging branch or lean into a tree in a tight turn occasionally. The small shoulder pads look like the next time I bounce off of a tree with my shoulder it might hurt. A few of my friends own some of the older Zac Speed units and they have held up for years. All in all, pretty happy with purchase

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  • Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector With Recon Pack

    Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector With Recon Pack

    Todd in UT

    Nice product!

    Love it. Ended up putting a couple holes in the chest protector to mount a molle pouch for my phone to make it easier to get it. Very comfortable and stable.

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  • Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector

    Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector

    Michael in NH

    Sturdy build...not so great fit

    I replaced my previous chest/hydration combo with this chest protector and also the recon bag to go with it. Let me start by saying....the bag is awesome. Very well built, tons of room and not bulky. This chest protector/roost deflector not quite as great. Let me state...the build quality is awesome. It has great coverage and is comfortable when it’s on. My big complaint with this piece though is that it does not sit still and I wear it pretty tight. It doesn’t slide left or right....but instead floats up and down. I really only notice when my body is moving up and down. If they could find a way to fasten this up like an USWE or Leatt’s’d crush everything else out there. Going to keep using it because the packs that good....but just wanted to make this one little issue known because I couldn’t find much on this when I purchased it.

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  • Zac Speed Octane Tech Vest

    Zac Speed Octane Tech Vest

    Mark in ON

    Great add on to the Recon pack easy to take on and off lots of storage and great protection behind the pockets

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  • Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector With Dakar Pack

    Zac Speed Exotec Roost Deflector With Dakar Pack

    david in AZ

    Finally an integrated solution

    I have tried to piece/part a solution together that does what this does. A hydration pack, chest protection and back protection that works with a neck brace. Its hard. This solves that. I have only used it a few time now but it is very stable, well built and you don't notice it once adjusted correctly. There is little I could complain about this. I wouldn't mind more small stash compartments in the interior of the pack. I added a small magnetic hydration tube magnet on the front face of the chest protector to hold the mouthpiece and keep it from banging against the plate. I look forward to trying to wear this out...

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