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  • Honda Ceramic Coffee Mug

    Honda Ceramic Coffee Mug

    rickster in MI

    Nice novelty keeps the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold. We'll made, nice finish

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  • Honda Lighted Keychain

    Honda Lighted Keychain

    Dennis in IL

    Honda Lighted Keychain

    Small but makes a lot of light. very handy to have when you need a light.

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  • Honda Frost Stadium Cup - 16 oz.

    Honda Frost Stadium Cup - 16 oz.

    Kyle in OK

    Sweet graphic, not so sweet cup

    Cool graphic, but a little too cheap of a cup. These look cool, but the plastic needs to be a bit thicker, or a different plastic, because the are easy to squish in your hand when it’s full. In all, this is a good start, but could use a few changes.

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  • Honda 8mm Carabiner

    Honda 8mm Carabiner

    Jeremie in OH

    Honda keys need a proper home

    I couldn't exactly wrap up a Pioneer 500 for the wife, but the keys were easy to fit in a box attached to this nice key chain. As a primarily ride red family she was super excited that her keys have a proper home. There was a twinge of jealously that all the dirt bike and atv keys now look sad without a Honda key chain. Guess we will be in the market for more soon.

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  • Honda Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle - 18 oz.

    Honda Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle - 18 oz.

    Ashley in WA

    Great Gift

    Gift for a Honda rider. It was a big hit and said to work well

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  • Honda Wing Magnet

    Honda Wing Magnet

    Jordan in KY

    See Photos

    Great addition to the office, but the stock photo led to expect something different. Magnet is actually 0.5" acryllic, with the logo set at the bottom. Very cool looking, maybe not worth seven bucks.

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