IMS Dual Sport Parts: Handlebar-Control

IMS Dual Sport Parts: Handlebar-Control

IMS Dual Sport Parts: Foot Controls

IMS Dual Sport Parts: Levers-Machine Specific

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  • IMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs

    IMS Pro-Series Foot Pegs

    ROBERT in NV

    Superior quality!

    IMS PRODUCTS are manufactured to the highest level of quality. These pegs are top of the line at half the price of the competition. Don't be fooled by the lower price, these pegs are a great purchase.

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  • IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs

    IMS SuperStock Foot Pegs

    D in OH


    Thank you IMS for providing wide footpegs for old bikes. These fit well and are nice and snug. Note that the spring sits differently on the IMS peg compared to the stock peg. No need to file, or bend, just use your head.

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  • IMS Flightline Folding Shift Lever

    IMS Flightline Folding Shift Lever

    Josh in Georgia

    Strong and sturdy

    This is an inexpensive gear shifter that will withstand a lot before even bending a little. I have bought 2 of these on 2 separate bikes. They have served me well. It is way better than the stock one on my bikes that both bent and broke. But this has been awesome through all I put it through.

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