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  • IRC Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    IRC Heavy Duty Motorcycle Tube

    Jamie in MO

    Great tube

    I've been Using this tube for almost a year now. It's on the second tire, racing Missouri hare scrambles though all types of terrain and haven't had a single flat. I will buy again

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  • IRC VE33 Enduro Tire

    IRC VE33 Enduro Tire

    Neal in OR

    I ride rocky terrain & this tire rocks

    Been looking for a tire that will hold up and offer excellent traction on rocky terrain? This is the tire. Very good sidewall. I can run like 8 psi and no pinch flats with this tire. After 10 rides now it still looks like it has 80% left. I'm an A XC rider so I'm hitting this stuff at speed too.

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  • IRC M1A Soft Terrain Tire

    IRC M1A Soft Terrain Tire

    joe in OR

    Its a front tire thats for sure

    Its a front tire. I can't really say much because my front tire never really touches the ground. The seldom times it does touch the ground it feels like its about ready to rip the entire trail out from the earth it grips so well.

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  • IRC M5B Soft Terrain Tire

    IRC M5B Soft Terrain Tire

    Cam in UT

    SICK MX Tire!!!!

    These IRC M5B Tires are so Awesome!!! We have used them for years and totally recommend them to all of our friends, neighbors and everyone!!! They hold up well and you can flip them when they start to wear and the knobs are HUGE! Thanks, Premier Innovations / Cam

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  • IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    IRC VE35 Enduro Tire

    JON in OR

    Sticks well on gravel and fire roads

    Have this tire on the front of my DS XR650R and it works great in corners offroad. The tall knobs and soft compound cut thru the loose materials on top down to solid base. It's one of the best tires i have used and seems to be hold up well. On pavement it squirms a bit due to the above mentioned and requires some getting used to but that is not what is made for. Maybe in time once the knobs harden it will track better on the road.

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  • IRC TR-11 Trials Tire (Tubeless)

    IRC TR-11 Trials Tire (Tubeless)

    NEIL in AZ

    My favorite trials tire !

    Great tires ! Prefer the IRC over the Dunlops. Great feel and hold up very well. These are on my Gas Gas TXT250 and look forward to running them on the GG Raga 300.

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