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  • KTM Air Freshener

    KTM Air Freshener

    Frank in CA

    Needs way more smell!

    This thing is cool looking (for all us KTM coo-laid drinkers) as far as air fresheners go but it just doesn't smell enough. It smells like oranges which smells really good compared to the pine tree deal...just needs more of it

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  • KTM Coffee Mug

    KTM Coffee Mug

    Doug in WA

    It is cool, but a bit small

    Cool cup, there are lots of mugs that "look" like this style (of course they are not KTM mugs) but they are maybe 4-6 oz. larger. This is a small mug but still KTM cool. A bit larger I'd rate it higher. Cheers

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  • KTM Racing Umbrella

    KTM Racing Umbrella

    TROY in UT

    Good....so far.

    It's a big nice umbrella but I'm waiting for the hook/latch that holds the umbrella in the down position to break. We've used it 4 times and hasn't yet but we'll see....

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  • KTM Die-Cut Decal

    KTM Die-Cut Decal

    Wes in ID


    Good quality decal. It's still on my truck window after 6 months.

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  • KTM Dog Bowl

    KTM Dog Bowl

    Bradley in CA


    Simply amazing piece. Dog bowl lives up to Austrian standards

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  • KTM Lanyard

    KTM Lanyard

    Wes in ID

    Very good

    I wear it every day to work. The clasp has held up really well.

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