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  • KTM Bar Pad

    KTM Bar Pad

    Eric in MI

    Looks great!

    My bike didn't come with one when i bought it used. Looks great and fit great. Its a stock KTM pad.

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  • KTM Dual Compound Grips

    KTM Dual Compound Grips

    Kephon in IN

    as expected

    good grips

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  • KTM Dual Compound Diamond Grips

    KTM Dual Compound Diamond Grips

    jeromy in NE

    my favorite grips

    Of all I tried these are my favorite. I like the compound and shape.

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  • KTM MC Handguards

    KTM MC Handguards

    JEFF in CA

    well made

    Have had these for about a year and they have survived a few tipovers and have deflected a lot of rocks. The handguards are made out of tough material and seem like they will last. The fit was only ok but they do have to fit around all types of handlebar/lever combos.

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  • KTM Adjustable Foot Pegs

    KTM Adjustable Foot Pegs

    Duncan in CT

    KTM adjustible footpegs

    The Plusses: good traction, good adjustability. The Minuses: heavy, will swivel on you when hit by rocks, metal eventually may crack During an enduro several years ago one of the footpegs swiveled after being hit by rocks. Happened again during another ride. This happens even if nut is super tight. The wimpy little positioning pin ends up shearing. I welded mine to prevent swiveling. But welding makes the material more brittle so beware of cracking. I am tall, 6' 2" so I like them positioned low and further back. Still using them but always have spares in stock. Looking for a replacement that is adjustable down and back but is durable.

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  • KTM Dual Compound Grips "Open End"

    KTM Dual Compound Grips "Open End"

    Wes in ID

    Good grips

    Good open ended grips that work well with wraparound hand guards.

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