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  • KTM OEM CD-ROM Repair Manual

    KTM OEM CD-ROM Repair Manual

    Derek in VA

    Good info

    Some pretty good information for the person who wants to take care of your KTM 690.

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  • KTM Tire Iron Set

    KTM Tire Iron Set

    Cameron in CA


    Perfect for the bags. Super light, compact and the finish held up replacing my rear tire pretty well on the iron. Definitely worth the $$$

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  • KTM Pit Mat

    KTM Pit Mat

    Michael in CO

    Good pit mat

    The pit mat is perfect for storing my bike. Regardless if my bike is inside, on the porch or in the garage i like to have this underneath. It looks really good under the KTM beasts. I do wish the edge fabric was held on or stitched better.

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  • KTM Valve Stem Caps

    KTM Valve Stem Caps

    Allen in OK

    Works great

    They work great, look great and make maintenance really easy having the tool machined in.

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  • KTM Piston Ring Compressor

    KTM Piston Ring Compressor

    Kenton in OH

    Did it's job

    It worked like a piston ring compressor should work, it was accompanied with a few items that I'm not sure what they're for, and no paper to tell you.

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  • KTM Spark Plug Holder

    KTM Spark Plug Holder

    Blasco in TN

    Ktm spark plug holder.

    Does what it says. Holds your spark plug nice n tight for easy grab and stab situations.

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