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  • KTM Tire Gauge

    KTM Tire Gauge

    Dennis in CA

    Works great

    Works in tight places

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  • KTM Shock Spring Preload Adjuster

    KTM Shock Spring Preload Adjuster

    Andrew in CA

    Great tool

    Allows for quick adjustments. No more hitting with a hammer to unlock collar.

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  • KTM Pit Mat

    KTM Pit Mat

    Cody in KY


    Looks great under the stand, comes clean with shop vac. Only complaint i have is the bike tires will mess it upwhere they rub around

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  • KTM Valve Stem Caps

    KTM Valve Stem Caps

    Cody in KY

    Valve caps

    Looks good with my black rims. A plus is that the top part is a valve stem remover, although isnt the best at tightening really tight but at least u always have it while riding lol

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  • KTM Tire Iron Set

    KTM Tire Iron Set

    Dayne in WY

    Very Cool!

    The main reason I purchased this is because of the orange finish on the irons. When I used them they held up great and loved the features that came with them. I found the lip on one iron came in very handy for running the bead back on the rim and the benefit of removing the axel bolts was nice. They are very light. The orange finish did get scratched up some but nothing too bad. So you want some orange blink for your toolbox pick these up! Love Rocky Mountain stocking KTM power parts #1.

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  • KTM Spark Plug Holder

    KTM Spark Plug Holder

    Detlef in VA

    Great to have

    Great little carrier for the easy access space inside the KTM air box. Just put a fitting screw underneath into your seat so the carrier gets located inside the air box. Some loop and hook tape makes is hold even better. I never take the whole carrier out anymore. Just pop the lid and the Velcro tape holds the rest up. To make it complete I carry a flat Tusk spark plug wrench in a zip lock bag underneath my cross bar pad cover. That little thing has saved me a few times a walk after I fouled a plug in the woods.

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