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  • KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    jeremy in SC

    Good deal

    Very strong plastic. It’s not excellent coverage but it does it’s job

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  • KTM Swing Arm Protection

    KTM Swing Arm Protection

    NATHAN in OR

    Nice but watch out for brake slave rub.

    These are nice parts that look great and fit well. Beware though, on mine the right side one rubs the rear brake slave cylinder on suspension compression (2017 300XC). A good amount of metal has been worn away before i noticed it. I will need to cut the plastic back about an inch and make some new slots for zip ties to pass through.

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  • KTM Frame Protection Set

    KTM Frame Protection Set

    Levente in WA


    buy these everytime i sell a bike. good way to refresh the bike.

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  • KTM Replacement Radiator Louver

    KTM Replacement Radiator Louver

    Levente in WA


    works fine. just like oem but better in price. no issues.

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  • KTM Case Guard

    KTM Case Guard

    ryan in DE

    Looks great hopefully it works better then oem

    A broken case is super expensive. I learned that the hard way which is why I buy this for all my bikes now chain hasn't slipped since but I hope this will save my case if it does

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  • KTM Grab Handle

    KTM Grab Handle

    Kyle in NV

    Not aesthetically pleasing, but handy as hell!

    I've seen these for sale the last few years and thought they looked kinda goofy bulging out of the number plate. Im not all about the looks of my bike, but for some reason I had a problem with theses handles! My brother bought one for his '15 300XC and I joked about how ugly it was to him. I then ate crow when I struggled for a purchase on the rear fender while stuck in a mud hole last week. My bike was caked in mud, probably causing it to weigh 50 more pounds causing my hands to slide right off. I ordered one up right away after returning home. I have black backgrounds on my bike, which kind of masks its appearance. It doesnt hinder my riding at all, but you definitely can feel it when hanging off the back to get that last bit of traction. Overall its a very useful product and does what its supposed to.

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