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  • KTM Fuel Line Wash Cap

    KTM Fuel Line Wash Cap

    jeromy in NE

    liked it a lot

    I liked the soft rubber of this one a lot better than the one that came with my accesories kit. The white reminded me to keep cleaning where the OEM black rarely got attention. It never came off and I never had an injector issue.

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  • KTM Frame Protection Set

    KTM Frame Protection Set

    Matt in CA

    Excellent - A Must have for all bikes

    Perfect fit. Excellent protection for your bike!

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  • KTM Grab Handle

    KTM Grab Handle

    JESSE in OR

    I Use It Everyride

    Great placement and much nicer than getting my glove wet and muddy when having to grab under the fender.

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  • KTM Case Guard

    KTM Case Guard

    Matt in CA

    Excellent. A must have.

    Protect your clutch slave! Grab this asap.

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  • KTM Replacement Radiator Louver

    KTM Replacement Radiator Louver

    Matt in CA


    Perfect fit. Looks great.

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  • KTM Universal Off-Road Rear Fender Bag

    KTM Universal Off-Road Rear Fender Bag

    TREVOR in UT

    A landfill in Salina

    I didn't buy this from RMATV but I thought I'd save you the trouble and review it. I had this thing strapped to the hilt with extra straps and anything I could do to keep it solid on the fender. Rode one afternoon in the wasatch mts and figured it was ready for my 500 mile ride to southern Utah. It lasted 45 minutes ruined my fender and broke every strap on the bag. It was donated to the local landfill. Unless you ride around on the highway it will not last.

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