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  • KTM Fuel Tank

    KTM Fuel Tank

    TROY in UT

    this should come stock on the KTM

    I like the extra gas to be on the bike not in my backpack! I think all KTM's should come stock with a 3 gallon tank... Now we can ride all day and not stress over running out of gas. It looks very stock and would not know that it bigger than the stock tank On long Moab rides I may still carry a small bottle of gas in the Backpack? There seams to be no issues...I have only rode 3 days with it on Looks Good!

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  • KTM Step Complete Seat

    KTM Step Complete Seat

    Brad in Pennsylvania

    Step seat does it's job

    The step seat does keep you in the cockpit, not letting you slide back. It will take a ride or two to adjust to, but once you do you won't notice it. I did have to adjust the suspension to accommodate my weight consistently being more forward on the bike.

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  • KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    MARK in NY


    Fits extremely good! Extremely HAPPY w/ this skid plate.

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  • KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    Kyle in WA

    works good and looks cool

    works well. hasnt fallen off yet.

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  • KTM Side Stand Removal Switch

    KTM Side Stand Removal Switch

    Lee in GA

    Works as intended

    Plug & play. Eliminates the factory feature of preventing the bike from starting in gear when the kick stand is down. I do wish you could just buy an extension harness when relocating the kickstand however

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  • KTM Complete Seat

    KTM Complete Seat


    Long Rides now Possible!!

    Wonder why KTM doesn't provide these seats as standard, they are way more comfortable for longer rides of over 4 hours on FWY, HWY and Off-Road riding, it is worth the price.

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