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  • KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    KTM Factory Fuel Tank Cap Vent

    paul in NY

    Just looks nice

    bought this for my 2015 ktm 450 sxf. looks great, don't get me wrong. but when i have a full tank in my bike and hit jumps or bumps i have gas leaking out all over me, which is super annoying. so now i just leave about half a tank in my bike when i ride and i don't get as much spillage.

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  • KTM Universal Off-Road Rear Fender Bag

    KTM Universal Off-Road Rear Fender Bag

    Michael in OH

    Not worth the money, not happy !

    Went out on my first ride with this bag. Had a towel, chain lube and a few tools. About half way through the ride one of my buddies said your fender bag is about to fall off. Well it will not fall clear off thanks to the front straps are bolted to the fender mounting bolts. But the bag was off at the rear and laying on my exhaust. Pulled it off and it had burned the bag, towel and the cap of my small bottle of chain lube. I had this strapped down as tight as I could pull it. All I can say is it was a waste of money. Hope KTM considers taking their name off it as I don't think it lives up to their quality ! Not Happy !

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  • KTM SXS Wave Seat

    KTM SXS Wave Seat

    James in AZ

    It's a gripper

    This is the 3rd bike I've had with this type seat. I wouldn't use anything else.

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  • KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection Hose

    KTM Factory Fuel Pump Connection Hose

    Guy in Colorado

    Isn't for aftermarket replacement fuel tanks

    I got this to use with my new Acerbis 3 gallon tank. Unfortunately it isn't made for the thinner walled tanks so I have to send it back. The site should note that it only fits factory tanks.

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  • KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    KTM SixDays Quick-Fastener Skid Plate

    David in WA

    Nice skid plate!

    it looks and functions great. the only problem i have is the twist in fastener to lock it down to the bike is crazy hard to get it. i almost never remove it because its so hard to get back on. it just doesnt line up like it should. other than that i like it. if the holes lines up i would have had it installed in less than 5 minutes.

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  • KTM Factory Seat Cover

    KTM Factory Seat Cover

    Jake in ID

    A must for any KTM

    It grips really well which is a plus for racing ( especially on a 450). Its been really durable in my experience and no cracking has occurred anywhere in the year I've had it installed. Also as a side note I was worried at first that the orange lettering would fade quickly but it hasn't even been phased by the sun and abuse. Still looks great

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