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  • KTM GPX 5.5 Neck Brace

    KTM GPX 5.5 Neck Brace

    Jordan in OH


    From going from a Gpx Club to this, there is no comparison. This lighter, lower, and more adjustable neck brace is all around the best. I'm an offroad racer and had problems breathing the GPX Club brace. It choked up on my neck so far it would almost choke me. But this brace sits really low and the lower profile make it so I can breath and race with comfort.

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  • KTM Quadrant Roost Deflector

    KTM Quadrant Roost Deflector

    Dennis in CA

    Great fit

    Better than stock fits great

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  • KTM 180 Jersey

    KTM 180 Jersey

    ANGELO in NY

    KTM 180 Jersey

    Does what it is meant to do. I dig the retro appeal of this jersey.

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  • KTM Phase Jersey 2015

    KTM Phase Jersey 2015

    Lucas in MN

    Great Fit!

    Fits perfect and a super awesome jersey! Gotta love KTM!!!!!!

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  • KTM Oakley Proven Goggle

    KTM Oakley Proven Goggle

    Cody in KY


    Great quality, and lens are easy to replace

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  • KTM Phase Pant 2015

    KTM Phase Pant 2015

    Dayne in WY

    Fair for the Money

    The pants are fair and do the job as an alternate pair of riding gear. Logos look great and the pant seem to hold up on the trail as good as the next. Fit isn't as flexible and some higher tier gear but is manageable. Ventilation is ok too. Overall pant looks cool and the purchase was satisfying.

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