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  • KTM Knee Brace Socks

    KTM Knee Brace Socks

    NOAH in CO

    They smell horrible

    These perform ok, but don't wick moisture very well and smell really bad when sweaty. I have the FLY ones as well and they are far superior in every way and don't stink.

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  • KTM Moto-9 Carbon Flex Kurt Caselli Foundation Helmet

    KTM Moto-9 Carbon Flex Kurt Caselli Foundation Helmet

    Mark in MI

    Awesome helmet.

    First, the helmet is just awesome to look at. I chose the moto9 flex for latest in safety and overal comfort. Up graded from a "cheap" helmet. After all your head is going in this bucket might as well make it a good one.

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  • KTM Racing Goggles 2017

    KTM Racing Goggles 2017

    MIKE in NJ

    Quality KTM

    For the price of these goggles they are great quality.

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  • KTM 2-Piece Rain Suit

    KTM 2-Piece Rain Suit

    Benjamin in TN

    Great Value

    To me this suit features great values for the price: Full length leg zippers and liner, Inner elastic retainers at the bottom of the legs which eliminates the need for bothersome elastic stirrups which may not fit properly get dirty and can catch on things. Drawbacks: It takes time to put on and you need some place to sit. I found it best to remove my boots to get my feet in the elastic retainers. Due to the liner it is a little bulky. The black color is not visible in the rain.

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