KTM ATV Accessories: Filters

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  • KTM Oil Filter Service Kit

    KTM Oil Filter Service Kit

    Ludwig in UT


    I just appreciate not having to source individual parts.

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  • KTM Air Intake Wash Cap

    KTM Air Intake Wash Cap

    Ludwig in UT

    Just get one!

    Embarrassingly, I almost started a race without an air filter and the only indication something was wrong was an engine that died at ? throttle... Had not been for the wash plug, I probably would have done as much of a 30 minute Moto as I could without an air filter having confused myself with two different bikes. I'll always put a wash plug in when an air filter is out from now on.

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  • KTM Fuel Filter

    KTM Fuel Filter

    Dennis in FL

    Injector protection

    A bit pricy for what it is but great protection for injectors and preventing getting hung up someplace out of the way because of crap in your tank

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  • KTM OEM Oil Filter

    KTM OEM Oil Filter

    Quentin in CA


    Always use these with my 17fc450, stock oil filters are always the best fit

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  • KTM Factory Oil Filter Cover

    KTM Factory Oil Filter Cover

    Michael in CO


    This oil cover along with a few other orange accessories will be an automatic conversation starter anywhere you go. Looks good, fits perfect, withstands the trails well.

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  • KTM OEM Fuel Pump

    KTM OEM Fuel Pump

    William in WA

    You need this for the engine to run. Duh

    This is an OEM replacement with factory packaging and labels. I rated it 3 stars, because 3 things bother me. 1) The original fuel pump failed at just under 2,000 miles. 2) This part is way over priced, as are the replacement filters. 3) How long will this one last? It seems to be a common failure.

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