KTM Dirt Bike Accessories: Cooling Systems

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  • KTM Water Pump Protection Cover

    KTM Water Pump Protection Cover

    Shane in Washington

    Great protection

    Only problem was the coolant hose clamp was in the way. I just took about 1/4 inch off the guard on the band saw and it bolted up perfectly. Great fit. Looks great. Didn't lose any coolant since you don't loosen the bottom bolt.

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  • KTM Replacement Radiator Louver

    KTM Replacement Radiator Louver

    Dayne in WY

    Orange is the new black

    These are KTM quality and look sharp over the black louver!

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  • KTM Motorex Coolant M5.0

    KTM Motorex Coolant M5.0

    Dayne in WY

    KTM knows

    KTM knows whats best use what they recommend I used belray coolant last time and my bike ran hotter in the same climate (only but a bit). Only drawback is its a little pricey and you have to get two bottles to drain and refuel your coolant.

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  • KTM Radiator Fan Kit

    KTM Radiator Fan Kit


    KTM Radiator Fan Kit

    I have lost no coolant since I put the fan on. It seems to come on when it is needed. It works like it should.

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  • KTM Aluminum Radiator Protection

    KTM Aluminum Radiator Protection

    ARTHUR in FL

    KTM Radiator braces

    These brackets are solid as a rock. A bit tricky to install but once they are on your radiator is surely protected. The stock radiator louvers will fit once the brace is installed, its really tight but they will go in there. Already had a fall with these braces installed and they are so strong that the plastic shroud broke on impact but the radiator is just fine. Worth the money IMO.

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  • KTM Water Pump Impeller Kit

    KTM Water Pump Impeller Kit

    Wes in ID

    Must Have

    This impeller kit is the first thing I recommend for all XC4 motor equipped KTM enduro bikes. Helps the overheating problem drastically.

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