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KTM Dual Sport Accessories: Cooling Systems

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  • KTM Radiator Fan Kit

    KTM Radiator Fan Kit


    not very happy

    Welll I thought this would have been a good idea not that I really need it on a 2 sttoke but why not have that extra piece of mind well after this wish I would have left it alone first off the the kit was a pain to install and didn't fit right with my rad guard but I got it to work I mean fit it never really worked from the start it might have ran a couple times in the first couple wks then it just started blowing fuse and melting wires but it was such a pain to take off I didn't get a chance to remove it for my first race I ever participated in so for some reason it decided to run in my race non stop on the first lap until it drained and completely ruined my $150 lithium battery in my bike so I contacted RM and they warrantied the fan but still nothing to show for my battery very unhappy with this piece of crap

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  • KTM Motorex Coolant M5.0

    KTM Motorex Coolant M5.0

    Dayne in WY

    KTM knows

    KTM knows whats best use what they recommend I used belray coolant last time and my bike ran hotter in the same climate (only but a bit). Only drawback is its a little pricey and you have to get two bottles to drain and refuel your coolant.

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  • KTM Radiator Foam

    KTM Radiator Foam


    simple but saves time

    save your self some time and put these on your radiators better than cleaning the mud out of delicate fins they do seem expensive for foam but I clean and reuse mine so they are worth it.

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