KTM Dual Sport Parts: Graphics and Decals

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  • KTM Die-Cut Decal

    KTM Die-Cut Decal

    Wes in ID


    Good quality decal. It's still on my truck window after 6 months.

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  • KTM Sticker Sheet

    KTM Sticker Sheet

    DENNY in CA

    Not Top Shelf Stickers

    I suppose got what I paid for; all stickers are cleared over, not die cut. Will spring for the die cut next time.

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  • KTM Frame Grip Decals

    KTM Frame Grip Decals

    BRENT in SC

    Dont stick or fit well

    Purchased decals to add grip and bling, bike was brand new and cleaned frame well to make sure no oils were there to stop them from sticking. After install they looked great and I was pleased. After it sitting a couple days in the garage I noticed that they were peeling. I would try and press down the areas that were coming up the best I could but they just continued to peel, very unhappy with product. Ended up taking off and getting the aceribis x-frame guards in orange, very happy with them and I think they will offer more protection to the frame anyway

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  • KTM Radiator Louver Decals

    KTM Radiator Louver Decals

    nathan in VA

    Looks good

    These decals look good and have held up through many of rides.

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  • KTM Tank Protective Film

    KTM Tank Protective Film

    Richard in TN

    Tank film

    This is an excellent tank protective film. If your current tank is scratched or if you are trying to keep it from being scratched, then this is for you. Mine was getting pretty warn and this gave it a great look.

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  • KTM Fork Protection Sticker Kit

    KTM Fork Protection Sticker Kit

    brian in CO

    Great Sticker

    Adds a bit more of that factory look. Definitely take your time adhesing them, they can bubble a bit but take your time and they will turn out fine.

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