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  • KTM Replica Erzberg Hydration Pack

    KTM Replica Erzberg Hydration Pack

    Jim in TN

    Hydration pack

    The pack is well made and looks fantastic. It has an extra strap that wraps around the waist to help keep in place that is a plus. The only negative is the water container is a little difficult to take out of the pack.

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  • KTM Tube Cover

    KTM Tube Cover

    Jack in PA


    Cover works well, this comes with a new tube bite valve and quick connect. Only draw back is with cover on it us hard to see if mold has grown

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  • KTM Replica Dakar Hydration Pack

    KTM Replica Dakar Hydration Pack

    Zachery in WA

    Great pack

    Love the new colors, very large bladder, and more than enough storage for a day on the trails.

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  • KTM J-6 Waterproof Riding Shoe

    KTM J-6 Waterproof Riding Shoe

    Kenneth in CT

    Stiff ....

    Super nice workmanship. Great for riding and I my bike with them too. Stiff sole not great for walking

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  • KTM Padded Riding Shorts

    KTM Padded Riding Shorts

    James in AZ

    Excellent protection

    Really like these shorts, good protection and excellent fit. I have ridden all season in these and the elastic and fit have held up very well.

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  • KTM 2-Piece Rain Suit

    KTM 2-Piece Rain Suit

    Benjamin in TN

    Great Value

    To me this suit features great values for the price: Full length leg zippers and liner, Inner elastic retainers at the bottom of the legs which eliminates the need for bothersome elastic stirrups which may not fit properly get dirty and can catch on things. Drawbacks: It takes time to put on and you need some place to sit. I found it best to remove my boots to get my feet in the elastic retainers. Due to the liner it is a little bulky. The black color is not visible in the rain.

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