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  • KTM SXS Factory Silencer

    KTM SXS Factory Silencer

    James in MA


    great pipe excelent response very happy with it

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  • KTM SXS Factory Silencer with Spark Arrestor

    KTM SXS Factory Silencer with Spark Arrestor

    Eric in MI


    Bought this silencer for the Spark Arrestor. It is great, shorter than stock, which is what i wanted. I hate having a silencer stick way up to the fender...The black looks cool, and it bolted right on, perfect fit! It sounds close to stock. It did change performance a little, gave a little more snap...but seems to rev out quicker...but i got used to it easily, so not a huge deal for me.

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  • KTM FMF Turbinecore 2.1  Silencer

    KTM FMF Turbinecore 2.1 Silencer

    Aaron in OH

    Awesome silencer

    Super quiet made power delivery smoother and definitely an increase in power in bottom to mid range. Only negative is it is a lot bigger than other silencers but I love it

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  • KTM Aluminum Exhaust Guard

    KTM Aluminum Exhaust Guard

    WES in CA

    Perfect fit

    Provides great protection. Easy to install. Looks great on bike.

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  • KTM SXS Factory Pipe

    KTM SXS Factory Pipe

    keith in CO

    Smashed first race

    I race offroad... this pipe took a relatively soft hit and completely smashed the bottom near the neck... this also pushed the neck in and creased the neck. Still works but found that I had almost no power on the top but still had pretty decent bottom. The OEM worked great with rocks and hits... so I must assume some material strength differences... That being said... Before smashed pipe happened... this pipe was nasty on the track... great killer low end. With lots of over rev power... I wish it was same shape with 18 ga steel.

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