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  • KTM Plastic Drum

    KTM Plastic Drum

    Dayne in WY


    If you have anything that needs gas purchase one of these cans. The cheap safety can types at walmart are terrible as many find out. Buy this. Then deck it out in stickers.

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  • KTM Motorex Coolant M5.0

    KTM Motorex Coolant M5.0

    Dayne in WY

    KTM knows

    KTM knows whats best use what they recommend I used belray coolant last time and my bike ran hotter in the same climate (only but a bit). Only drawback is its a little pricey and you have to get two bottles to drain and refuel your coolant.

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  • KTM Motorex Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

    KTM Motorex Brake Fluid DOT 5.1

    Josh in NM


    As always RMATV has the best price and ships quick. Good product and necessary for a KTM. Works well.

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  • KTM Mechanic Gloves

    KTM Mechanic Gloves

    GORDY in UT

    Excellent grip

    I debated getting these but wanted gloves that I could use for small bolts, etc. without having to take them off. My old motocross gloves are too slippery and I thought that these might have a grippy material and snug fit. Well, they do. Love them for changing tires, oil changes, etc. I can pretty much do anything with them down to small bolts.

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  • KTM Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    KTM Motorex Cross Power 4T Motor Oil

    Arden in ID

    Good price from Rocky Mountain ATV and ships fast

    Recommend oil for KTM. Good oil, but not sure if that much better than other fully synthetic oils.

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  • KTM Motorex Top Speed 4T Motor Oil

    KTM Motorex Top Speed 4T Motor Oil

    Jonathan in SC

    Works fine as far as I know...

    ...I've never been inside a gear box. Used it a time or two in the gear box on my two smoker.

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