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  • A.R.C. Pro-Flex Knee/Shin Guards

    A.R.C. Pro-Flex Knee/Shin Guards

    Don in GA

    Just what I was looking for

    Comfortable, fit well hope I never need to use them in a crash but in the dirt its only a matter of time!

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  • A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket

    A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Jacket

    Terry in KS

    Farkle on the Protection

    My 3 weeks of observation is that when the 2Qt. slot on the back is used, an unwelcome amount of pressure is on the front of the collar near the zipper, exposing the back of the neck and straining my neck against this pressure. Perhaps a tension relief strap similar to NASA environment suits between the helmet mating collar and the cummerbund due to the pressure induced. Even the use of a small fastex strap or even bungie might yield results. Anyway, great coat despite systems integration challenges.

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  • A.R.C. Corona Goggle

    A.R.C. Corona Goggle

    Jaime in San Juan

    Excellent product, fast shipping, I love it, highly recommended

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  • A.R.C. Corona Boots

    A.R.C. Corona Boots

    JAMES in AL

    White on White on White

    Just bought a new helmet in white, pants in white, jersey in white, gloves in white and grey ventilated socks. Well, just thought I'll buy white boots. I used to have black&white boots. Now I have black.hi-vise boots to match my bikes' graphics and most of my riding gear for the winter. Summer is now coming and hard. It is hot as all get out in Alabama. I am turning 60 soon. I am going to be an all-white kinda guy here pretty soon. I start out the mornings with yellow gear with a pinch of red and blue most of the time and change to cooler colors for the afternoon motos when I race. if I am just riding or practicing I just show up in light colors during the summer. Our racing season has started, I've cut back and this weekend is my first race of the year so I just wanna look sharp and please! my fans.

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  • A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Pant

    A.R.C. BattleBorn Adventure Pant

    Robert in TN

    Why spend more than you have to.

    This stuff is great. Simply put. Save money for a new bike and buy ARC.

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  • A.R.C. Back Country Foul Weather Jacket

    A.R.C. Back Country Foul Weather Jacket

    Brian in MD

    A.R.C. Jacket! RECOMMENDED

    Now that I have ridden with this jacket a few times I'm ready to give it a rating. The not so bad: Jacket runs small so I purchased the next size up, the cuffs need more Velcro so they can cinch up tighter and last, low cost means no armor in the shoulders or elbows, but should be able to wear something underneath if you want. The good: As long as you layer correctly, it will keep you warm into the lower 40's, it looks really good for a low cost jacket, good amount of storage (ie pockets), and lastly, while I have not ridden in the rain, I did hit a creek crossing way too fast and the wave of water that engulfed me from head to toe did not enter the A.R.C. Jacket or the A.R.C. pants. Luckily I had on my Gaerne Oiled Balance boots and Sidici waterproof gloves and they also kept the water out. For anyone curious, the creek was 15-20ft wide and about 2ft deep and yes we had to cross it to get back home. Fun Fun Fun. "You meet the nicest people on a Honda".

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