A.R.C. Mens Sport Bike Riding Gear

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  • A.R.C. Balaclava Facemask

    A.R.C. Balaclava Facemask

    kevin in WA


    Keeps ya warm for sure! great price and keeps the kids from complaining its cold. Happy trails to all.

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  • A.R.C. Pro-Flex Knee/Shin Guards

    A.R.C. Pro-Flex Knee/Shin Guards

    Mike in CO

    Good quality but you need coverage on your bare knees

    Nice, bigger than I expected, lots of protection, against bare knees they rub you are after a few hours

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  • A.R.C. Padded Riding Shorts

    A.R.C. Padded Riding Shorts


    Sizing is NOT Small, It's Wrong!!!

    Great product if they were sized properly. Many have stated these run small, however, that's being VERY generous. Size 34 riding pants like Troy Lee and Fly fit me great. These shorts in the 34 - 36 cut off circulation. VERY well made and I'd love if they fit but just not even close. I returned as just too tight. My son wears a size 32 and these same shorts are even too tight on him. Great shorts just too bad they don't run ANYWHERE near proper sizing.

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  • A.R.C. Corona Knee Guards

    A.R.C. Corona Knee Guards

    Jason in MT

    A.R.C. knee guards

    Have not used them yet, but have tried on. Fit seems nice, comfort is good, and seem to stay in place walking around the house with boots on. They seem to be great, especially for sub 15 bucks! If you don't wear knee guards (you should) at least order some of these. Worth every penny.

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  • A.R.C. Knee Brace Sleeves

    A.R.C. Knee Brace Sleeves

    Dan in OH

    All day comfort

    After ACL reconstruction surgery I got a new brace. I've only wore it to work in for 8 hours at a time so far(cold here).Without the sleeve it wore the hair off my leg and was uncomfortable. With the sleeve, it was way better. I folded the top over the top of my brace, only because it seemed like it would work its way down my leg if not.

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  • A.R.C. Logo Neck Buff

    A.R.C. Logo Neck Buff

    Albert E. in MS

    Comfort on your Neck and Lower jaw

    I wore this a full day under my Mid layer and It provides a comfortable layer to your neck and lower jaw while on the bike and off. I think this would be a good winter everyday buff to wear and keep the Hawk (Cold and Windy days) off your neck or to keep your scarf from irritating your neck.

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