Maxima Dirt Bike Parts: Suspension

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  • Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    Don in AZ

    Works well, and seems to have longer life

    Admittedly I don't change my fork fluid out every 15 hours like the manual suggests. More like every 40-60 when the seal goes. So when I do pull it apart both parts of the chamber (main area and dampening cartridge) are changed out. The last swap had 60 hours on them with SKF seals, and the fluid was in decent shape, and everything inside looked good. I'll stick with it going forward.

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  • Maxima Racing Shock Fluid

    Maxima Racing Shock Fluid

    DAN in VA

    Shock fluid

    Used this when I re-valved my rear shock. This fluid was a definite upgrade over the dirty fluid that was in there.

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  • Maxima Suspension Clean

    Maxima Suspension Clean


    Great item!

    Got the job done! cleaner works great!

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  • Maxima Race Grade Full Synthetic Shock Fluid

    Maxima Race Grade Full Synthetic Shock Fluid

    Wes in ID

    Very Good

    I have always felt that Maxima makes a great product. This shock fluid is no different.

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