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  • Maxima Hi-Test Octane Booster

    Maxima Hi-Test Octane Booster

    Dennis in IL

    Maxima Hi-Test Octane Booster

    works ok

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  • Maxima V-Twin Full Synthetic Oil

    Maxima V-Twin Full Synthetic Oil

    HDRider in Texas

    Great Multi-Use Oil

    I am currently using this oil in my 2014 Harley Davidson Softail Slim in all three compartments. I am extremely pleased with how well it works. Engine noise is reduced, transmission shifts with a "click" and clutch is very smooth. It is very easy to find neutral. I plan on using this oil for all my maintenance needs. Combine this oil with the Twin Power Gasket Service Kit and the K&N oil filter and you have a high quality oil change kit. If you own a Harley Davidson, you should consider use of this oil. Thanks to Jake Wilson for great customer service!

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  • Maxima Premium 4-Stroke Oil

    Maxima Premium 4-Stroke Oil

    daniel in IN

    no problem

    no problem i'v been running it for 2 years.

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  • Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Maxima SC1 Clear Coat

    Tim in KY


    If I could give this product 10 stars I would. I have been using SC1 for the past 6 years. Before it I always used armor all, meguiars hot spray, and almost any tire glossifier I could find. This is the stuff, I was turned on to it by a fellow Rep at Muddy creek and have used it since. Hands down the product does as described. Also works as a light mud repellent, Great for muddy races. This stuff smells awesome, easy to use, easy clean up with no residue or blemishes. Does not tarnish billet or anodized parts. It really makes faded plastics look new, better than Novus plastic Renew. If you use Fourwerx carbon hoods or Quadtech Hoods this maxima SC1 makes the carbon fiber really shine!!!

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  • Maxima FAB-1 Air Filter Oil

    Maxima FAB-1 Air Filter Oil


    Really tacky.

    Really tacky, lasts awhile and gets ALL the dirt and sand. I have been trying different spray type oils and so far this has stopped sand from getting through the filter the best. Maxima only for me now.

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  • Maxima Racing Fork Fluid

    Maxima Racing Fork Fluid


    Wouldn't pay any more for "premium" oil.

    Good price, so far it feels as good as the expensive stuff. Have 50 hours on this fluid and changed it, still looked good. All I use now.

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