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  • Maxima Quick 2 Mix Measuring Bottle

    Maxima Quick 2 Mix Measuring Bottle

    Jonathan in SC

    Very easy to use. Cuts down on mess

    Let's face it. Mixing oil and gas can get messy. For those of you who are wimpy enough to be bothered by getting a little greasy, but not quite wimpy enough to ride a four stroke, this mixing bottle is great. I don't do math. This bottle is easy to read and clearly labeled. Also has a screw on top so the little bit of residual oil left in the measuring bottle just stays in there until next time you use it. BRAPP!

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  • Maxima FAB-1 Air Filter Oil

    Maxima FAB-1 Air Filter Oil

    timothy in MA


    Very tacky, Blue in color so you can see the coverage on the air filter.

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  • Maxima Hi-Temp Racing Brake Fluid DOT 4

    Maxima Hi-Temp Racing Brake Fluid DOT 4

    Carl in PA

    Great product

    This brake fluid increases you stoping power more than original brake fluid would well worth it

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  • Maxima Chain Guard Care Kit

    Maxima Chain Guard Care Kit

    Terrick in MS

    2 Thumbs Up

    This stuff is excellent.. After using this with my scrunge brush my chain looks brand new..

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  • Maxima Clean Up Chain Cleaner

    Maxima Clean Up Chain Cleaner

    Carl in PA

    Great quality

    This cleaner is great after a good ride or two you can spray this on your chain and use a brush and it will look just like new

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  • Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Maxima Air Filter Cleaner

    Douglas in OR

    Leaves your filter looking dirty.

    I purchased the big bottle of this stuff. Not impressed at all. It takes a lot longer and three times the cleaner to get a filter slightly clean. In comparison to Uni Filter cleaner it isn't even close. The Uni cleaner takes out stuff that this cleaner leaves behind. I'm throwing this stuff away. I typically really like Maxima products but not this one. I actually used Uni cleaner to get my filter clean enough so I could change to No Toil. No Toil makes cleaning your filter cheap and quick.

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