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  • Motion Pro RimShield II

    Motion Pro RimShield II

    Cam in UT

    SICK Tire Changing Tool

    If you change your own tires , and you have colored rims or dont want to scratch your rims, you Absolutely Need these Rim Shields!!!!! They are Awesome and work like a charm!!! Again Motion Pro knows what they are doing!!

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  • Motion Pro Spoon-Type Tire Iron

    Motion Pro Spoon-Type Tire Iron

    Justin in IL

    Must have for tire changing.

    A little pricey but well worth it. I have been changing motorcycle tires for years and have tried every tire iron out there.The motion pro spoon type is the best hands down. No more pinching tubes and ruining your day riding.

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  • Motion Pro Tire Iron

    Motion Pro Tire Iron

    Jay in MA

    buy the motion pro spoon type irons

    don't be me... I bought these originally, I was cheeping out and struggled with the 1st dirt tire (I hadn't changed one of these in 25 years?) then I broke down and bought the spoon type... I am sure my technique improved but the thinness of the spoon types really make a huge difference. also, the biggest advice i can give is make sure to keep the tire in the middle of the rim and off the bead on the opposite end of the tire you are mounting. also, def get three tire irons.

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  • Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    Motion Pro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

    jeff in OK

    Excellent Product

    I was using a bluepoint nice air guage that I bought from cornwell tools. When I first received the Motion Pro I checked what air pressure it showed in my front tire and it read 11.6lbs. The high point read 7lbs. I double checked it with a dealership and the motion pro was on the money. I had thought I had been running 12.5lbs in my front and 12.5 in the rear. I was actually only running 7.9lbs of air in both. I know this product is high but its worth its weight in gold if you ask me. Now I will have the correct amount of air in my tires and will be able to turn faster times because of it.

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  • Motion Pro Assorted Tire Irons

    Motion Pro Assorted Tire Irons

    Gavin in TX

    Worked well

    Did the job easily. I used these on 19 and 21 inch mx wheels. irons held up well. didn't use the little one much but it may come in handy with tighter beads.

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