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  • MSR Grip Lever Set

    MSR Grip Lever Set

    Christian in AL

    Feel good, broke fast

    They look and feel good, great factory replacement. The tension adjuster screw was a little long for my comfort. i would contact it while twisting the throttle. i put the screw that came with the previous lever(OEM i believe) and it fit and works well. Was a nice lever, as i was refurbishing some things. liked the the levers better than a stock. but first fall and the clutch cable broke in half. i dont use bark busters or any guard so hey whad'ya expect. but my previous levers have taken much abuse, you get what you pay for though.

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  • MSR Folding Shift Lever

    MSR Folding Shift Lever

    Greg in AL

    Great for my size 12

    The stocker is too short. This one works great for my size 12 and after 8,000+ miles it's still going strong. I though I lost it a month ago. It fell off on the trail but my buddy saw it bouncing off the rocks. It turns out my underpaid mechanic (me) just didn't tighten the bolt recently. It's back on the bike and still going strong.

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  • MSR Handlebar Mount Bushing Kit

    MSR Handlebar Mount Bushing Kit

    Don in AZ

    Solid product, pricing is OK

    For a few pieces of rubber or urethane, and 4x washers it's a bit pricier than I think it should be. Having said that, the quality is good, and fit is as well.

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  • MSR Clutch Lever

    MSR Clutch Lever

    Matt in MI


    Cheap and quality, what more can I ask for? Always buy these for spares.

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  • MSR Standard Lever Set

    MSR Standard Lever Set

    TYLER in PA

    Not the best

    You get what you pay for.... these levers are cheap, my CR250 tipped over in my garage and snapped the lever in half. It hadnt even seen dirt yet.

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  • MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket With Hot Start

    MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket With Hot Start

    BARRY in OK

    MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket With Hot Start

    Good quality, never an issue with this product.

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