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  • MSR Fork Seals and Wiper Kit

    MSR Fork Seals and Wiper Kit

    Don in AZ

    Will pay extra next time for the SKS

    They are OK, but developed a leak faster than the SKS I used prior. They lasted about 1/2 as long. If you change out your fork fluid routinely, then they will likely be just fine. If you tend to wait longer between intervals, the SKS are the way to go...even at nearly 2x the price.

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  • MSR Collapsible Sag Scale

    MSR Collapsible Sag Scale

    Dennis in TX

    A must-have

    if your kids or wife are called up to help you set sag, or if you have doing calculations in your head, you need this. It takes all the work out of getting a good sag measurement and ANYONE can take the measurement.

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