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  • MSR Half Finger Glove Liners

    MSR Half Finger Glove Liners

    Steve in CA

    MSR 1/2 finger glove liners

    I'm blister prone, and these help a lot. I wear them on every ride. Thin enough to keep the same glove size. Just be careful when you wash them because any Velcro in the washing machine will snag the thin threads & pull it out. With just a little care this pair has lasted about 6-7 months of 1x a week riding and still going strong.

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  • MSR Axxis Gloves 2015

    MSR Axxis Gloves 2015

    Daniel in MT

    Minimalistc Gloves that do the trick

    These lasted several rides. What more could you ask for.

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  • MSR Base Layer Long Skins

    MSR Base Layer Long Skins

    Daniel in MT

    Great Base Layer

    I never ride without these. They keep your knee pads from pinching and I never chafe.

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  • MSR Moto Soxx

    MSR Moto Soxx

    Jeff in CA

    Too thick under knee brace

    Although the sock part of these are fine, the material was the same all the way to the top and made it rather uncomfortable for extended use under knee braces. Also, the top was pretty tight and restricting.

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  • MSR Max Air Jersey

    MSR Max Air Jersey

    Jeff in CA

    Great fit

    I live in CA and it has been HOT. This gear breathes very well and helps to keep me cool.

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  • MSR Impact Skins

    MSR Impact Skins

    Lee in OR


    I've been getting really bad monkey butt lately and thought these would help. No joy. The stitching is pretty mediocre and they feel kind of cheap.

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