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  • MSR Grip Lever Set

    MSR Grip Lever Set

    Nick in AZ


    These grip levers are awesome, great contour for your hands and the grips help when it's raining!

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  • MSR Pro-Raptor Clutch Lever Assembly, Shorty

    MSR Pro-Raptor Clutch Lever Assembly, Shorty

    Mimi in CA

    Meh....was a waste of money for me

    I bought one of these MSR shorty levers because I had read favorable reviews both here and on a Husqvarna forum. People described the lever as comfortable, and easing the amount of force needed to pull the clutch lever in. The lever was easy to install and looked good on my WR300, but did not make the clutch pull lighter than stock, even with the cable end in the easiest position. Adjustment was poor. The clutch dragged, even when I had all the free play adjusted out. The little "traction" insert on the lever felt uncomfortable to my fingers right through my gloves, and the ball end seemed to interfere with my pinky finger. Three hours on the trail with this lever was enough. I switched back to the stock Magura (or Domino....not sure which) as soon as I got home. I guess I'll keep the MSR one as an emergency spare.

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  • MSR Standard Lever Set

    MSR Standard Lever Set

    DAN in VA

    MSR Lever set

    I bought these as a back up to keep in the tool box at the track in case my others ones broke. For the price, you can't beat em!

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  • MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket

    MSR Dominator Clutch Bracket


    Good Product

    it seems to be holding up well - worth the money

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  • MSR AOF Clutch Perch & Lever

    MSR AOF Clutch Perch & Lever

    Jody in MO

    2013 400x

    Love the clutch perch for the price.. It's perfect..

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  • MSR Shifter and Rear Brake Lever Saver

    MSR Shifter and Rear Brake Lever Saver

    Garrett in PA

    great for woods riding

    great to have if you are riding in the woods...helps to prevent sticks from getting jammed in your brake pedal.

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