MSR Dual Sport Accessories: Engine

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  • MSR T-Handle Tool Set

    MSR T-Handle Tool Set

    David in MI

    Great tools Very long handle

    Much more convenient than using a socket. Appear to be of pretty descent build quality and plating. Comes with a nice carrying case.

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  • MSR Tire Changing Stand

    MSR Tire Changing Stand

    Arden in ID

    Good value

    Good value. A bit light weight but does the job.

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  • MSR Safety Wire

    MSR Safety Wire

    Clay in GA

    Ton of wire.

    You get a lot or wire. Like the packaging also. I would buy again but I don't see myself using all this safety wire anytime soon.

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  • MSR Rider Wrench

    MSR Rider Wrench

    Tim in AZ

    save your money...

    Great tool for front or rear wheel removal. I wish it was slightly longer, but it works well and does what it should. Packs easily in the tool pack. First use, the 27mm portion broke and split apart. Spend the extra and buy the motion pros with tire spoon built in.

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  • MSR Heavy Duty Exhaust Spring Tool

    MSR Heavy Duty Exhaust Spring Tool

    Brian in OK

    Never thought i needed one of these...

    Until I used a friends. I would always just use a screwdriver or scribe or pick of some kind and fight with getting exhaust springs on and off. Not the biggest deal in the world but the first time I tried this little baby I said, "yup, I'm getting one of these". Great little tool that make removing and installing springs so easy it's funny the first time you use it. Can also be used on footpeg springs and rear brake pedal return springs.

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