MSR Dual Sport Parts: Luggage

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  • MSR Trail Pak

    MSR Trail Pak

    Zachary in UT

    cheap & Simple

    fits 85 oz bladder (a bit tight but fits). good for desert racing. good quality zippers and buckle.

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  • MSR Fender Tube Pak

    MSR Fender Tube Pak

    James in NM

    Great Bag

    Works great for me. Good size. I use on rear fender to carry tools and misc. repair stuff. Not advertised as waterproof but I've ridden in hard rain for few hrs and inside bag was dry. I have about 30 hard hrs on it and so far holding up real well with no strap slippage issues.

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  • MSR Baja Pak

    MSR Baja Pak

    Todd in AB

    Lasted 2 seasons

    Lots of storage room, good waist strap, and good zippers. Only problem was the strapping that wraps around the bag wore quit quickly and the straps all ripped off. The Velcro is still holding it closed but not as secure.

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  • MSR T-Handle 3-Way Allen Wrench

    MSR T-Handle 3-Way Allen Wrench

    Jason in WA

    Kinda cheap

    Material is not hard enough, and the shape is not conducive to working in tight spots. I never use it.

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  • MSR Litening Pak

    MSR Litening Pak

    DAVID in CA

    MSR Litening Pak

    This has been a great product for me. I have saved some riding buddies a couple of times because I had tools with me. I carry a 1/4" socket set, 10 mm wrench, multi-bit screw driver, extra spark plug and plug wrench, extra master link, and one of those emergency space blankets. It even functions somewhat as a back brace. Just be careful how you pack it, because in a hard get off, it's something else that can injure you. I had a big bruise on my left hip from the tool pak once when I went over the bars and landed on my left side. Even with that risk, I'd rather have the tool pak with me and maybe not have to sit in the desert waiting for hours for someone to find me.

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  • MSR Multi Tool Kit

    MSR Multi Tool Kit

    ADAM in CA

    decent trail tool

    cheaply made. if you need to save weight that badly, try the tusk version of the same. i put this back on the shelf and put real tools in my pack

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