Oakley Motocross Gear: Protective Gear

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  • Oakley Crowbar Goggle

    Oakley Crowbar Goggle

    Allyssa in OR

    Great goggles, highly recommend!

    Have always had a good experience with Oakley goggles. These goggles are no different. Comfortable fit and very durable. Have held up well over time with no issues.

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  • Oakley O Frame Sand Goggle

    Oakley O Frame Sand Goggle

    Dwayne in AZ

    Sand Goggles

    We go to the sand dunes a lot with our rail and these are the only goggles I have found that do a good job of keeping the sand out of my eyes when following other rails.

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  • Oakley O Frame Goggle

    Oakley O Frame Goggle

    Jim in WA

    Raining again in the northwest

    I was really looking forward to getting these goggles and when they arrived I was pumped. Assembly went easy but the film was a bit tricky to fasten to the spindle. Once I got them together the pull string wouldn’t move. Took it apart and it freeded up. Bound I guess. Back together and worked ok. Proof will be next wet day. Well made I hope they work

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  • Oakley Proven MX Goggle

    Oakley Proven MX Goggle

    Nick in CA

    Great Goggles

    Goggles are fantastic. Comfortable, look good and they work perfect with Roko straps.

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  • Oakley Front Line Goggle

    Oakley Front Line Goggle

    JAMIE in PA

    Best part is the lens, nose gaurd is in there tight

    The lens on these goggle are the only thing from keeping me from sending them back. The lens seems like it will really protect if needed. Riding in the woods, the face can get hit quite a bit and this is comforting. It does not fit well with the Leatt GPX helmet without removing the nose guard which was a bit of work and not as easy as other goggles I have owned. Once removed though, these googles fit the leath gpx very well. no room for branches and nose if covered mostly by helmet faceguard/beak. The size of the foam is too thick for my size face, hoping it will mat down a little because as it is the googles are flush with the outside edge of the helmet - maybe that's normal, not sure. I will continue try other brands, but those lens will be tough to beat.

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  • Oakley Airbrake Goggle

    Oakley Airbrake Goggle


    Oakley Airbrake

    The best goggles I have ever raced in. Changing a lens takes seconds to do. No more finger prints all over your new lens. Expensive, but worth every penny.

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