Asterisk Motocross Gear: Mens Riding Gear

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  • Asterisk Banded Undersleeves

    Asterisk Banded Undersleeves


    Great product

    These work fine. It's a simple item. I bet your mom could sew you one out of an old pillow. However, if you don't have a mom, or you don't have an old pillow, definitely buy these.

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  • Asterisk zeroG™ Performance Knee Brace Pant

    Asterisk zeroG™ Performance Knee Brace Pant

    Kyle in WA

    Good Concept, Not a great execution

    The velcro started unraveling after the first ride. Wash by hand because the velcro will catch everything and cause further unraveling. Otherwise, the product works pretty well.

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  • Asterisk Cyto Cell Knee Brace Left

    Asterisk Cyto Cell Knee Brace Left

    Gary in NJ

    Legs feel much better after long dual sport rides

    They took a little time to get to set up and adjust. But I would not ride with out them now.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace Pair

    Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace Pair

    BILL in IN

    save the knee break the leg

    love the fit and feel, went over the bars riding moto and saved my knee but broke my femur. Had the older lace up type no comparison to the new style. I believe this product saved me form total knee replacement.

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  • Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace Left

    Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace Left

    Angel in TX

    Performs Intended Purpose, Poor Quality

    bought the pair 1.1 years ago (which is the latest model). I am a weekend rider PROS: performs intended job. looks well (but who looks at them while inside your pants?) CONS: tend to slip from location and at times produces blisters behind the knee. first set was sent back as outer paint finish / coating was not applied (braces were bare - no color). Second set lasted about 3 months before the top latch (rubber) between the brace and the wrap around latch sheared off while putting it on. I contacted Asterisk as the always helpful RM staff said they couldn't address the issue. Asterisk was not responsive to emails nor VMs until I called them for the 14th time - I was promised a set of latches in the mail. after failing to see those for 3 weeks I called them again with the same promised made - no result until today. several emails were issued with the same request. I decided to use a cable tie in place of the rubber latch which has helped. I am not keen on purchasing another set, instead, I am now switching to LEATT. ADDITIONAL INFO : the feel for the bike is lost with the braces when pushing against the radiator shrouds. the braces wear major holes in the inside of the pants. Braces are not easy to manuever when putting the pants on, at times catching on the inner liner of the pants. using the new available sock to go over may help but yet is not another unnecessary expense.

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  • Asterisk Tri-Tele Patella Cup System - Right

    Asterisk Tri-Tele Patella Cup System - Right

    Bryan in MT

    makes the brace bulky

    Brace fits ok in my pants without it. Super tight with it. I'm thinking of returning it. All three pants were a no go due to size. Fox Thor and FXR snowmobile pants.

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