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  • Ogio Atlas 3L Hydration Pack

    Ogio Atlas 3L Hydration Pack

    Laken in PA

    hydro pack

    Well built, fits nice, would buy again. Time will tell the durabilty of this nice pack.

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  • Ogio Raven Backpack

    Ogio Raven Backpack

    Douglas in DE

    Love it

    Light, hold alot, comfterble, and looks nice. It is not waterproof, as it is not a specific moto pack, but it works well.

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  • Ogio C7 Backpack

    Ogio C7 Backpack

    Adam in OH

    Awesome Deal!

    Bought this on sale and love it. Great storage room. The girlfriend just used and and loved it to carry around stuff at my harescramble.

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  • Ogio Hydration Pack Replacement Reservoir

    Ogio Hydration Pack Replacement Reservoir

    Kenneth in WA

    Ogio hydration bladder

    I bought an Ogio Erzberg KTM hydration pack couple years ago,& the original bladder got all moldy, after putting Thirst Quencher in,& not using baking soda to clean it, after the season. I bought this one to replace the old. Love it!

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  • Ogio Atlas 100 Hydration Pack

    Ogio Atlas 100 Hydration Pack

    samuel in WA

    Very impressed with this product

    Really like this hydro pack nice and slim but still enough room to pack some tools and snacks. Very comfortable to wear

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  • Ogio Dakar 3L Hydration Pack

    Ogio Dakar 3L Hydration Pack

    Sean in CA

    If you need a bag that does it all, long trail ride...

    The bladder section is closest to the back. In the largest zipped section, and is insulated with a shiny foil to keep the cold in, much like the hot/cold bags you can pick up at a grocery. The second pocket is large enough to fit an entire mobile toolset and a 26 inch yellow foldable bolt cutter. The next pocket up is a tiny little pocket to fit a set of house/car keys and a digital tire gauge. The next pocket up is an armored pocket that’s deep, with multiple zipped breathable pockets. Can fit multiple cell phones, a gps, and just about anything else. (change of underwear/socks/T-shirt) Inside the armored pocket described above, there are expandable straps to hold a helmet onto the bag, never used it, seen photos of the feature, but simply doesn’t have a use for me; Convenient though! Bike has survived a 70mph crash on asphalt with minor damage, and contents were well protected and functional still. The shoulder straps are lightweight and adjustable as to be expected. Solid chest snap that works forever. Sternum strap not needed as the upper strap uses a stretchy material at the bottom mounts to pull the weight up tight and close to the mid back; no floppy sack on the back. Overall the pack is lightweight, and fits my needs perfectly. Without loading up the middle pocket would be well sized for men of all sizes and women in the 150cc+ category. Wouldn’t recommend for a woman under 90lbs.

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