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  • Ogio Head Case

    Ogio Head Case

    Tom in FL

    Head Case

    Nice bag. Larger than most on market. It fits my AFX FX-41 Dual Sport helmet just fine. Most bags are a little smaller, and this helmet is a little larger than others, so it works great. Well constructed with quality materials.

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  • Ogio Spoke Wheeled Gear Bag

    Ogio Spoke Wheeled Gear Bag

    ADAM in WA

    Great gear bag for the price

    I bought this bag because I needed a wheeled bag to haul my gear on a plane. I own several other Ogio products and all are awesome so I thought I would give this a shot. Here is what I got to fit in the bag: riding boots, helmet (2 pair of goggles in the helmet), chest protector, hydration pack, knee pads, 2 sets of gear, flip flops, 5 t-shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, and a sweatshirt. I could easily fit 2 more changes of clothes and a pair of shoes if I had to. So use that as a guide to see if it is big enough for your needs. With all that stuff it weighed 39 pounds.

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  • Ogio MX Goggle Box

    Ogio MX Goggle Box

    WESLEY in IL

    My Second Case

    My original case flew out of truck going down highway and never found so I purchased another one. This is a great case and durable to ensure my goggles, GoPro, etc are all safe from drops.

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  • Ogio MX Flight Vest

    Ogio MX Flight Vest

    Robert in BC

    No More Backpacks

    Fits everything I need for longer rides. Doesn't move around like a backpack does.

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  • Ogio Wheeled Rig 9800 Gear Bag

    Ogio Wheeled Rig 9800 Gear Bag

    Ricardo in Gauteng

    Not the biggest, but it looks good.

    Strong, durable bag with nice big wheels and sturdy telescopic handle. Plenty of other handles on the bag for chucking it around when loading and unloading etc. I'm a biggish buy at 6'2" and I haven't got a snowballs chance of getting all my gear in the bag. Boots (size 13) and lid (XL) go in seperate bags since I'd never be able to get either in with the rest of my kit. I do get in Mobius X8 knee braces, Leatt Pro HD 5.5 armour, Leatt GPX 5.5 neck brace, EVS elbow guards, my riding tool bag and a couple sets of soft gear in. Overall I'm happy with the bag, it seems a bag to fit all my kit would be larger than many European houses so this will have to do. Would have liked a nicer locking mechanism for air travel but for most purposes this is good enough.

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  • Ogio Big Mouth Wheeled Gear Bag

    Ogio Big Mouth Wheeled Gear Bag

    Luke in VA

    Bad bag!

    Had this bag for 2 trips. Side zipper at seam completely let go. For as much as it costs they used some cheap stiching and zippers.

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