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  • Ogio MX Flight Vest

    Ogio MX Flight Vest

    ALAN in CA

    Good vest for offroading. A few concerns

    I've had this vest for at least three or four years now and it's a huge improvement over any kind of backpack. The weight of it is well balanced on you and it seems to rest on your hips. No stress on the shoulders at all. It sits fine on top of my neck brace and body armor. As it's aged and has been heavily used - a few concerns have come up. First - the rubber band that holds up the bladder in the back pocket finally broke about a year ago - so as the bladder empties - it just collapses in the pocket. When that happens - it seems like the bladder leaks and the bottom of the vest always seems to be wet. Second - yesterday I had a significant failure. I carry my tool pouch in the big front pocket on the right side. It's fairly heavy but not bad and there is plenty of room in that pocket for it. I ended up throwing my phone in that pocket as well since there was plenty of room for it with easy access to it to take pictures. About 15 miles into our ride we took a break and I looked down and the entire pocket had ripped itself off of the vest completely except for the very bottom. My phone and tool pouch were just hanging there. I'm amazed I didn't lose my phone. It appears that the stitching just failed and it came off as the material isn't ripped. Very scary. This vest has served me well but I think I'm going to try the Klim vest next. When I bought this I didn't see any alternatives and me and my riding buddies all have this one. Now I've got some options. Since this one has deteriorated so badly and I don't trust it - I'm going to try something different.

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  • Ogio Head Case

    Ogio Head Case

    Emory in MO

    Nice value, huge bag but nice product

    Nice product as is everything OGIO it is alil big if your trying to case your helmet inside your gear bag.

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  • Ogio MX Goggle Box

    Ogio MX Goggle Box

    Zachary in TX

    Goggle Bag

    This is a great bag that fits 5 pair of my goggles and all my extras.

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