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  • Acerbis Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Acerbis Fuel Tank (NO CA)

    Paul in CA


    I installed a 4.1 tank on my KTM today and had a serious installation issue. The supplied petcock screws that support the fuel pump sensor plate under the seat are too short. I only got two screw threads into the plastic. Stripped one our under very very light torque. I went to hardware store and installed longer screws. I hope they work.... In my opinion the use of the supplied screws could be dangerous due to fuel leaks....

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  • Acerbis Fuel Tank

    Acerbis Fuel Tank

    Jon in CA

    Better capacity than stock

    Function and fitment are good. Top of 3.0 gallon tank pretty ugly, could have been designed with better aesthetics and still would have around 2.8 gallon capacity.

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  • Acerbis Fuel Tank Petcock Universal

    Acerbis Fuel Tank Petcock Universal

    BOBBY in NC

    Great product very strong

    This petcock is a must if you buy the acerbis oversized fuel tank. The plastic one that comes stock on the acerbis tank is junk and leaks quickly

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  • Acerbis Fuel Tank Petcock Left Side

    Acerbis Fuel Tank Petcock Left Side

    Steve in MI

    Good quality, fitment was a little tricky

    I installed this on my 2001 YZ250, that has the IMS desert tank on it. Quality is as good as I could ask for, like any other Acerbis products. Operation is smooth, and construction is solid. The issue I had, is the factory petcock on my bike 2 tubes for "on" and "reserve". This petcock has a single large tube, with a taller brass tube inside, for the "on" and "reserve". That forced me to drill a hole between the 2 "factory" holes. Once I did that, the gasket didn't seal the gas in. Once I cut a paper gasket, and siliconed it, the O-ring sealed off, and everything was good.

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  • Acerbis Locking Gas Cap

    Acerbis Locking Gas Cap

    Michael in WA


    Threaded onto gas tank fine. Reoccurring venting issues made me go back to vent hose.

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  • Acerbis Replacement MDR Gas Cap

    Acerbis Replacement MDR Gas Cap

    Bryce in UT

    Cap Cover does not stay on

    The cover that the vent hose goes in does not stay on, If you lose the cap cover you have to buy the whole cap.

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