Acerbis Dirt Bike Parts: Electrical

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  • Acerbis Cyclops Headlight

    Acerbis Cyclops Headlight

    Kirk in Virginia

    Love it!

    Wow! had a bad experience with their fenders (the color matching sucks) but LOVE this headlight, gives my motard a nice buggy/alien look that people love staring at. Have to wire it up but it's pretty simple I must say (if you can make cereal you can do this) Lights aren't my fav but overall 5 star in my opinion! MUST HAVE if you don't like stock oem dated fairings.

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  • Acerbis LED Tail Light

    Acerbis LED Tail Light

    Andrew in WA

    Acerbis LED Tail Light

    Nice compact LED light. Fitted to my 250xcf and worked perfect.

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  • Acerbis LED Headlight

    Acerbis LED Headlight

    Carl in CA

    Not as stated in description, bad instructions,

    I ordered the light to upgrade the headlight on my Kawasaki KXL300R. I was a bit confused by the description saying it is an LED headlight, but it indicated it was drawing 50 amps. I was assured it was indeed LED, and was very bright! I asked about fit and installment, and was assured that "everything I need" was included! When it got here, the only LEDs on the system are decorative little accent lights along the sides. The headlamps are standard bulbs. The light itself has a 3 pronged set of blades coming out the back, with no instructions what should be hooked to them. It certainly did not match up to anything on my bike. The instructions were a half page of bad drawings, no words, essentially showing hook a black wire to a black one, a red one to a red one, thats it. But the headlight actually had 3 sets of black wires, 3 red wires, and the 3 pronged plug blades. I'm not nearly smart enough to sit there cutting into various wires on my bike randomly connecting wires until one of the combinations magically works. The Quality of the light? I cannot speak to that. But I can also tell you the plastic number plate has some weird paper decal covering it, and it was De- laminating and separating from the backing. Aceribis has made some great stuff in the past, I bought this based on my past experiences. But I am extremely disappointed in this purchase.

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  • Acerbis Replacement 55W Flood Halogen Bulb

    Acerbis Replacement 55W Flood Halogen Bulb

    ZACH in CA

    works good

    This does its job, bulb lasts quite a long time

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  • Acerbis Replacement 38 Degree Flood Bulb

    Acerbis Replacement 38 Degree Flood Bulb

    JOHN in UT

    Better than Stock

    For a replacement bulb and stock lighting it works a lot better than stock bulb! Been using for three years now and still working great !

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  • Acerbis X LED Tail Light

    Acerbis X LED Tail Light

    Jeff in CA

    Good kit for right bike

    Others are rating this poorly for smaller size. It is small... and light... and works well. Good light output. Adds virtually NO weight to the fender. NO mini fender tail light kit fits a licence plate. We always have to buy a plate holder or turn the plate sideways and use two plate holes only on any tail light kit of this style... even the OEM kits costing 3 times this much. The light is bright... the style clean and out of the way of the tire. 5 stars if it was a little more substantial and cost a few dollars less.

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