Acerbis Dirt Bike Accessories: Electrical

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  • Acerbis Dual Sport Tail Light

    Acerbis Dual Sport Tail Light

    James in CO

    Great setup to get street legal.

    Good setup for making a dirtbike street legal. Plastic is a bit brittle and has cracked in a couple places (not crashed). Tail light is pretty bright.

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  • Acerbis Cyclops Headlight

    Acerbis Cyclops Headlight

    Clark in Arizona

    Good for minimum Street legal only

    I wanted a DOT approved light upgrade that would work both on and off-road at night. This light is legal, but it's output is not enough and the narrow beam of the high beam light is no good for off-road in the desert. I'll be going to non DOT LEDs and a single led spot for oncoming vehicles on the road at night.

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  • Acerbis LED Tail Light

    Acerbis LED Tail Light

    JAMES in CA


    This is the third one of these taillights I have purchased - they last about 6 months then the internal LED circuitry comes apart (from vibration I guess). This newer design is even WORSE (the most recent one lasted about 400 offroad miles - DONE).

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  • Acerbis Replacement 55W Spot Sealed Beam Assembly

    Acerbis Replacement 55W Spot Sealed Beam Assembly

    garrett in BC

    Good quality replacemnt

    broke the original, replaced with this, has worked like it should. would buy again if i smashed mine again.......

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  • Acerbis X LED Tail Light

    Acerbis X LED Tail Light

    brendan in CA

    Small and minimal but bright

    I was looking for a new tail light setup to replace the ancient Acerbis one that was on my CRF 450X after it broke. This fit the bill to give me a small, bright tail light that was not intrusive to the performance of the bike.

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  • Acerbis LED Headlight

    Acerbis LED Headlight

    Michael in NV

    Looks great!

    I recently installed this on a 1990 XR250R, looks amazing. For the tech, fit is solid.(I had to make rubber boots that pushed the bands out away from my oil cooler). LED's are super bright and I wired them as blinkers and put amber tint on them. Standard H4 light bulb, means I will be converting it to a HID H4 setup. Overall its a 4 for me, would have been a 5 but it did not come with ant connections. I know we are suppose to understand basic electricity to get this connected, but id love to have supplied bullet connections at the least. Remember if your bike dose not have a H4 connector for the headlamp, buy one from any auto-part store.

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