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  • PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil

    PJ1 Foam Air Filter Oil

    Stephen in CA

    Very tacky!

    Works great. I use it with my two-stage UNI air filter, I ride a lot in fine sand (Superstition and Glamis) never gets past the filter once oiled with this stuff. I clean and oil my filters every ride. This stuff comes off easily with dish washing soap and applies easily and evenly. For the price it is all that I buy.

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  • PJ1 Foam Air Filter Care Kit

    PJ1 Foam Air Filter Care Kit

    Struther in ID

    excellent product!

    I've been a pj1 fan from day 1! products works great stopping fine dust an sand from passing through the air box and into the carb!

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  • PJ1 Foam Air Filter Cleaner

    PJ1 Foam Air Filter Cleaner

    Chris in NC

    Good, but does not last long

    This stuff is great, but a can does not last long. I love how it cleans the filter well, but you may have to keep reapplying it until lit is 100% clean. A can really does not last long if you want a perfectly clean filter. My guess is it would clean out 4-6 filters. At that rate and the cost, I will use something else.

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  • PJ1 HD Chain Lube

    PJ1 HD Chain Lube

    ANDREW in NY

    Awesome stuff

    Awesome stuff

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  • PJ1 Engine and Case Paint

    PJ1 Engine and Case Paint

    Jeremy in OK

    Great Stuff

    Painted the Primary Covers on my Harley with this stuff! 3 years and about 25K miles later still looks good as new. Has held up excellent, just make sure all your prep work is done properly and you wont be disappointed.

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  • PJ1 Professional Contact Cleaner

    PJ1 Professional Contact Cleaner

    Tibbits in UT


    This stuff seems to clean anything. I had scuffs in the plastic on my side panels that were filled with dirt and oil, a little on a rag and it was gone

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