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  • Polaris MTX Overhead Audio POD with LED Cab Lights

    Polaris MTX Overhead Audio POD with LED Cab Lights

    Jamie in UT

    Audio POD

    I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas. I was a little iffy on the price but now that we have it all set up, I am extremely happy with it. All of our friends speakers you cant hear that well when your driving but ours is clear as day. It comes with a little spot to put your phone and it's all padded inside which is a huge plus for me. The price is worth it!

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  • Polaris XTR GPS by Lowrance Mount Kit

    Polaris XTR GPS by Lowrance Mount Kit

    DANIEL in NV

    Happy with Purchase

    I bought this to mount my Lowrance HDS 5. I believe it also works with the Polaris branded XTR GPS. This piece is easy to install with only drilling a couple holes in the plastic. It replaces the factory cell phone storage.

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  • Polaris Interactive Digital Display

    Polaris Interactive Digital Display

    Jeffrey in AZ

    Loving that in-dash built in look and features

    I wasn't sure this was the right path to go at first. Everyone is running Lowrance units and there were a few complaints on the forums about this PIDD. After installing the unit, I was very happy with the way it looks in the dash. It could use a bigger screen, but it serves a purpose and the screen size really isn't an issue. RiderX and Polaris have just released a software update that brings many new features to the unit including new Speedo Screen, Nav updates and Audio support so it acts like a source unit (need to buy new 2016 cables). You won't get RCA out, but if you are running Polaris Speakers it works perfect or you can cut and solder on RCA plugs to connect to your own amp. With the unit being software updatable, it makes the longevity of purchase much longer and it seems Polaris and RiderX are really putting effort into maintaining the software.

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  • Polaris SSV Works Overhead Speaker System with LED Cab Lights

    Polaris SSV Works Overhead Speaker System with LED Cab Lights

    Tyler in WV

    Great product

    Easy to install sounds great

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  • Polaris Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Kit

    Polaris Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Kit

    Nicholas in MI

    Not worth it.

    I thought it would be at least a good bluetooth speaker comparable to a jawbone or Bose but it's not. It has an odd charger that's not mini USB. The cover for the inputs falls off. The instructions say do not use near wet areas.

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  • Polaris MTX Powered Subwoofer

    Polaris MTX Powered Subwoofer

    Jacobo in AZ

    Sound IS SUBPAR.

    There are two models now of this particular item. So be aware. I have not heard the newer model personally but I have others tell me that it doesn't sound that loud, also after reading the specs on it, it appears to be in par with the older one. I have the older model and the sound is awful, after modifying it, now it sounds like a real sub woofer should. Changed the speaker and amp. On my mod its 5 stars.

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